I’ve been very blessed to have the opportunity to work with this bright, young, energetic brand. Their ability to reflect the classic style I so love in modern-man-on-the-go clothing is unparalleled.

Their quintessential piece, the Bova Tee, brought them big recognition and for good reason. If possible, I’d spend all my time in one, and I already spend a lot of time sporting one now. My personal favourite colour is Marsala. Not quite burgundy, but not quite a vibrant red, it’s a mellow yet hearty shade.


The Marsala can be worn with most colours, but due to winter I chose to wear it with black and grey. That won’t stop me from breaking it out with shorts and Sperry’s in the summer though.

These shirts are so comfortable to wear, and they’re just thick enough to keep one warm when it’s chilly without over heating when the sun breaks through. Like I said before, I’d wear a Bova everyday if I could.

Ian Marko Bova Tee in Marsala available here, and keep a close eye out for the Bova Oxfords coming soon!

**All photography by my great friend Jordy, directed by myself**