Forest Green

What better place to show off a shirt coloured ‘forest green’ than… a forest?

I live in a very small village (yes, it’s federally recognized as a village) of probably 120 people in middle-of-nowheresville BC. My neighbours are trees, trees, and more trees, with some A-frame houses here and there, and probably more deer than people.

As a result I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors hiking and adventuring. I try not to do to much hiking in the winter because the cold really gets to me (especially for a Canadian), but come March the forests are open for business. However, March showers tend to come before April showers here and it’s important to stay light, comfortable, and warm all at the same time.


The Bova Shirt does a great job serving that purpose!

Even when it’s pouring rain as it was when we were taking these pictures, the shirt kept me warm enough to ignore the dampness, and it’s movability was great when climbing around rocky bluffs and muddy hills.


Pair it with some Bean Boots, khakis, and your best outdoorsman jacket, and you’ll be channeling your inner John Muir.


(Just make sure to avoid waterfalls or risk getting soaking wet for the hike down).

Hiking with a lot of camera gear alongside usual hiking provisions is an arduous task, so investing in a good camera bag is well worth it. I choose to use a Langly Alpha Pro bag for it’s durability, storage space, and aesthetics.

Exploring the wilderness and the world God created is such a humbling and enlightening experience. Anyone looking for peace of mind need only take a walk in preserved nature to achieve that sense.

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