Defining a nation through it’s clothing: Britain

In an editorial published by the Telegraph in 2011, the author at the British news giant attempted to define what could be considered the "core British values that define [the] nation". Among them were the usual western democratic values; equality of opportunity, freedom of speech, the rule of law, and belief in personal responsibility, which … Continue reading Defining a nation through it’s clothing: Britain


"It's hard to imagine / that nothing at all / could be so exciting / could be so much fun". If you're unfamiliar with the music of the Talking Heads, I can hardly say I blame you. While somewhat appreciated in their own time, only a few carried their torch through the decades following the … Continue reading Heaven

Fantastic Mr. Fox

"You are a quote unquote fantastic Mr. Fox" "I try." In a masterpiece of claymation film that delivers flawlessly in aesthetics, script adaptation, colour schemes, voice acting, soundtrack, character development and plot (among other things), it's hard to pay attention close enough to pick out the individually beautiful parts of the film, because they're so … Continue reading Fantastic Mr. Fox