“It’s hard to imagine / that nothing at all / could be so exciting / could be so much fun”.

If you’re unfamiliar with the music of the Talking Heads, I can hardly say I blame you. While somewhat appreciated in their own time, only a few carried their torch through the decades following the 80’s and kept it lit in the fast paced world we live in today. If you’re the type of person (unlike myself) to be able to listen to a discography, try them out.

The song I want to single out today is called Heaven. It was introduced to me this past weekend by a friend who originally got me into the Talking Heads, and it came at a time that God couldn’t have planned out any better.

Recently, I lost a very close friend of mine. It came as quite a shock to my entire community, and cast me into a place of doubt. I doubted my friendships, my life, my purpose, and my faith, but when I heard this song and internalized the lyrics, things seemed to be clearer for longer than just a moment. As you listen to this song, pay close attention to what David Byrne is saying.


It’s easy to overthink the words from the get go, I did instantly, but try and avoid that. The chorus sums up the entire song nicely. “Heaven / Heaven is a place / a place where nothing / nothing ever happens” Byrne sings. The heaven he speaks of in this song, as defined in the first few lines, is a bar, or party. At this party, everyone is there, and they’ll all leave at the same time. The band plays a great song all night long. Through those verses he’s stating his point that; hey, this is all we have, right here, right now. It’s not perfect, it’s not glorious, and nothing here will change your life, but it’s what is here so let’s get into it. The perfectly mundane kiss he describes when he says, “when this kiss is over / it will start again / it will not be any different / it will be exactly the same”, is that  very truth.

Why did this song help me through such a dark time? Aside it’s comforting and relaxed guitar, the words reassured me that things are okay here. The waves will subside, the storm will break, and the sun will shine.


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